The Powerline Group Creates Kiwi Searches: The Largest Database of Public Records

Kiwi Searches Makes It Easy to Find Information About Anyone—Including Your Next Date

When people need information—especially those going on a date—they turn to the Internet. It’s the best way to plan an entire evening. Whether you want to find out what time a movie is playing, get directions to a restaurant, or learn a little something about the person you’re rendezvousing with, the Web is the place to go. However, that last part can be tricky. Randomly researching a person on the net can be time consuming and lead to little knowledge. That’s why everyone should start with Kiwi Searches.

Kiwi Searches is the largest, single source public records directory available today. It’s filled with names, phone numbers, addresses, and more. With just a few clicks on your PC or taps on your cell, you can see if your date has multiple phones or aliases, find out where they live or lived, and even uncover whether they’ve been married or have a criminal past.

The Powerline Group offers Kiwi Searches to customers.

The Difference a Kiwi Makes

What sets Kiwi apart from its competition is the large database of people, addresses, and other information. What’s more, it’s not just a large database but one of the most comprehensive public record directories available. Where competitors fall short, Kiwi Searches excels—providing immediate access to the best, and largest number of public record and information databases around.

Kiwi lets you conduct a person search, reverse phone search, reverse address search, and criminal background check. It can even show you bankruptcy records, sex offender history, and liens and judgments.

Kiwi searches offers reverse number search and more.

Fees and Pricing Made Simple

Unlike other person-search engines, Kiwi offers two pricing models:

    1. A one-time, single-search option for only $3.95
    2. A recurring monthly subscription of $24.95 for 10 searches per month (and then $3.95 per search after that)

Both of these options give you flexibility and let you use Kiwi Searches as you need.

How Easy is Easy

Kiwi’s usability is unmatched within the person search platform industry. All you need is one piece of information to start your search. For example, you have an unknown phone number that popped up on your phone, and you want to know more about the person who sent the message? Go to the website; choose the reverse phone number search option; type in the number; and click search. That’s it. We said easy, right?


The Information You Need

Whatever information you’re looking for, Kiwi accesses its expansive database to deliver it. Kiwi offers summary pages as well as full reports filled with information, including the age of the person being searched, as well as email addresses, work history, education, locations, and social media platforms.

At The Powerline Group, we know how important getting vital information is in today’s digital world, that’s why we’re proud to add Kiwi Searches to our list of apps, software, and services.

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